We are a family business and every step - from ideas to production - is conceived and executed by us. Every one of us masters at least four languages and has knowledge of several other languages on different levels. We are citizens of Europe living, working and enjoying our free time in different countries.

Video in 8 languages and 13 accents (see translation in English below)

Hi there, my name is Maria and I make videos for AccentPortal to help you with your accent. I’m an international person; I spent Christmas in Wales, New Years in Belgium, I’m currently in Germany and I will be up in Scotland soon. With this international lifestyle come many different languages.
Today, I speak eight languages, but in the future I would like to speak more that fifteen.
It isn’t hard for me to switch from one language to another.
It is switching from one accent to another which slows me down.
That’s why I’m doing my honest very best to help you on your path to a better accent.
However it is up to you to put in equal effort into these lessons as I put into them.
It is well possible you speak more languages than me, but maybe you need some help with your accent.
I love messing about with my accent and it sometimes helps me during presentations for instance.
When a lot of people need to listen to me I will speak louder and with a more elegant accent to sound more polite.
Especially if your native language is a Slavic language it is hard to conceal your accent and a lot of people guess you’re from eastern Europe.
But when you have a chance to learn to speak perfectly, why not? Not many people speak Luxembourgish but it is important to regard all spoken languages.