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British Posh. This accent is spoken by alumni of elite British colleges and offspring from wealthy families. Eddie Redmayne is a graduate of Trinity College at the University of Cambrdige and speaks British Posh. Looks like Hogwarts is also an elite establishment as its graduates and teachers also employ the accent. Hermione, Professor Snape, Head Master Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and M (the latter two being Dames of the British Empire) speak soft British Posh. The Hollywood Dandy accent is based on the New York accent.

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American English: accents based on Holywood's finest


British Posh: British Elite accents


Soft British Posh: accents based on the British elite, but less strenuous.


Good Basic British: accents based on median British English, perfect for an incognito origin.


New: American English for Indo-Iranian native speakers


New: Good Basic British for Indo-Iranian native speakers


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